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Have the Best Health Possible


Doctors are great for injury and illness but who helps you stay healthy, avoid illness and achieve optimum health?


Modern western medicine watches health markers degrade until you reach the point that they are out of the "normal range" and only then provides treatment – usually in the form of medications that have side effects.  In other words, if the "normal range" is 15-300 but the result of a blood test is 28 or 270, the Doctor may mention it needs to be watched or the patient should consider some changes but no treatment will be warranted because the patient is not in a "disease" state with a result outside of the range.


Doesn’t it make more sense to take action early in the progression towards disease in the hope of avoiding the disease altogether?  In the case of Metabolic Syndrome and the progression towards "age-related" diseases like Type II Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease, it may be that changes to lifestyle and the foods you eat could significantly delay diagnosis or possibly enable the body to start reversing the condition.

Wouldn't you prefer vibrant good health rather than merely being "not sick"?  If so, book a free Information Call through the button in the top right corner.

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