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Ageing Well
Age Vibrantly vs Declining in to Old Age

What should ‘old age’ look like?
Is everyone destined to develop ‘diseases of ageing’ one after the other, adding more and more medications and dealing with the side effects?  Wouldn’t it be preferable to stay strong and healthy as long as possible, enjoying life well into old age before short illness and death?

It may be that changes to lifestyle and the foods you eat could significantly delay diagnosis of many conditions often considered part of the ageing process, for example: Hypertension (High Blood Pressure), Type II Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Mental decline.  Thanks to modern medicine, there are many drugs available to treat these conditions but they often have side effects – leading to additional medication to treat the side effects while nothing is resolving the underlying condition.

Survive or Thrive?

What’s the alternative?
Learning how to build a lifestyle and way of eating that maximises the likelihood of staying strong, healthy and living independently for as long as possible.

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